Hi, I'm Max, and I'm a

on the Internet.

That's me!

I'm a 17 year-old student from Germany, experimenting and having fun with code.
I know that I don't have the biggest knowledge on languages or structures, but I'm learning with every project I'm working on.

I started coding with Python when I was 10 years old and moved my way up with Java, HTML, CSS and now JavaScript / Node.js. Since then, I specialised in Discord Bot and Twitch App development.

I made some things.

Check out the stuff I made and contribute to!

HTTP Status Foxes

A site inspired by http.cat to show images for different HTTP status codes

- Hosting
- Image Collection
- Website

Wer Wird Pogchamp?

A german Twitch game show like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

- Live Sidekick
- Editorial Staff
- Game Code Reworking
- Twitch Chat Bot Polling
- Website

Mission Control

A Discord bot for FoxInTheBox, integrating moderation and fun games

- Hosting
- Coding
- Creative Director


A private "Capture The Flag" provider for coders and riddle-solvers

- Hosting
- Moderation


"Because your content counts, not the algorithm." - An advanced YouTube content platform for filtering videos and finding new creators.

- Moderation
- Content Verification
- Support

UnHoly / UnChooly

Two german YouTube channels with one thcc boi

- UnChooly Channel Manager
- Script Review
- Writer
- Editor

Virgin Slayer Antibot

A powerful Discord Captcha to keep you safe from bots

- Global Administration

Make it happen.

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